My tortoises, Rocco and his wife Belem, are coming out of their hibernation period.

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The latest years have been very difficult for tortoises: being the weather not cold enough to permit them a deep, normal, biological hibernation, they woke up prematurely because of the mild, spring climate. The temperature is not warm enough to awaken them completely, but it is not so cold to favour a deep sleep. This drowsiness state does not allow them to eat autonomously.

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It is therefore urgent to supply them with vitamins and physiological saline solutions by means of phleboclysis, injections and forced nourishment, and to warm them up with proper lamps. In this way they can awaken gradually without feeling weak. Otherwise, without this help, they will die.

Experts say that this phenomenon, occurring in the latest years, may be partly caused by the planet overheating.

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