FAENZA, SEPT. 2-3-4 2016

The artistic cultural circle ‘Pavaglione Ceramica ’ will be present at Argillà, one of the most important ceramic festivals in the world.


  • • ARGILLÀ: market-fair to be held on September 5th (afternoon) and September 6th and 7th along the streets of the Historic District of Faenza, with 160 exhibitors from ceramics capitals in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Nederland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as other European nations.
    • Cultural and collateral events: the city, through its own structures (International Museum of Ceramics, Exhibition Hall, crafts and cultural associations, AICC, the State Institute of Art Gaetano Ballardini, I.S.I.A., etc.) will become a venue for an exciting programme of shows, exhibitions, and activities.
    • Mondialtornianti – L’oro del vasaio (World Potters’ Wheels Competition – Potter’s Gold): a new edition of a spectacular manifestation dedicated to sector craftsmen with captivating demonstrations of techniques, ability, and creativity.
    • EU-RAKU: an European challenge of raku: the new edition of the raku competition this year is dedicated to European ceramists, by maestri Goffredo Gaeta and Arturo Saccone.